What is a Online Tag Sale?

What Is an Online Sale?

An online sale is an opportunity to bid on items silently on our website. It is not an auction.

You will find a photo and description of each item on the website. To make an offer, click on the link to the Online Sale Form and enter the information requested. Neither your identity nor your offer is shared with others.

Everyone who makes an offer and submits a form will be contacted by telephone, text or email when the sale ends. The shopper with the highest offer is given the address and an assigned time to view the item. If that shopper passes, the shopper with the next highest offer is contacted. The client always reserves the right to keep an item if offers are low.

Unlike an online auction where bids are displayed and updated regularly, we post the high offer for an item each night at 10 p.m., as a courtesy. We post high offers above $20, and we post double asterisks ** on items receiving bids under $20. On the last day of the sale, we accept offers until noon, but new high offers are not posted that morning. Shoppers should note that the high offer posted the night before the sale ends may not be the highest offer after all. Remember the highest offer is posted at 10 p.m. daily as a courtesy to you.

While we recognize tag and online sale shoppers are looking for bargains, we encourage our shoppers to be serious and to make offers that are reasonable and that reflect the prices they would be willing to pay for the items.

Why a Seller May Choose an Online Sale?

We have found online sales to be attractive both to owners who are looking for new homes for their goods and to shoppers who are looking for quality and convenience.

For homeowners, online sales offer many advantages:

·     Less set-up time for us, resulting in less cost for you.

·     Less traffic in your neighborhood.

·     Less traffic through your house. Only serious buyers are given the address and date.

·     No need for carpet protection, saving us time and you cost.

·     No expensive newspaper advertising needed. We notify our extensive network of shoppers through email and social media.

·     Best of all, you can remain in your house while the sale is going on.

For shoppers, online sales offer these advantages:

·     The convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home at any hour of the day or night. You can even shop when you are away from home, but need to be available on pick-up day or arrange for someone to pick up and pay for your purchase.

·     Quality, one-of-a-kind items available nowhere else.

·     The opportunity to view items carefully and take your time to decide if you want to bid and how much you want to pay.

·     Shoppers set the price, no reserve prices are established. Owners, however, may choose to keep an item if offers are unacceptable.

·     Quiet, uncrowded conditions on pick-up day with personalized help from Those Girls' team members. You do, however, still need to bring your own help to move large items.

·     The ability to choose your time to pick up your item.

·     The chance to reconsider and pass if the item is not to your liking.