Online Tag Sales


Online Tag Sales

Items will be pictured, described and priced similar to our Consignment Sales. Complete a bid form for each item you are interested in buying.

You will have an opportunity to shop the garage, kitchen or whole house.

Complete a bid form with the word "SHOP" if interested.

If there are 2 in your party you will need you will need to let us know there are 2 in their group or fill in 2 forms for shopping the house.

We will follow CDC guidelines by staggering the number of people at the showings and limiting the number of people in the house.

Please bring your own bag or box to shop.

Please practice social distancing and wear a face mask at our tag sales.

Please leave children at home.

If you have a fever or cold/flu-like symptoms please take care of yourself and stay home.

A web page will be created for each sale featuring photos of some of the larger items as well as photos of groupings or lots of smaller items. This is similar to our Consignment Sales.  You will be able to purchase some items by leaving a bid.

If you want to shop the house, you will find an item in the photo gallery that reads, “Shop the Garage” or “Shop the Kitchen” or “Shop the Basement.”  Once you fill in a form for one of these options, we will contact you with an email, text message or phone call with a time to shop the entire house, including garage, basement, jewelry and linens. Fill in the bid-and-price line with the word, “Shop.”  Please do not leave bids on Shop the House items.  A time frame for shopping will be established, with 10 to 15 shoppers entering the property each hour.  You will receive a call with your time slot.

When more than one bid is placed on an item, the TIME STAMP will be used to determine the winning bid or the entry date and time to the sale.

Please acquaint yourself with these new protocols. We ask for your patience as we explore the best way to preserve the pleasure of shopping at Those Girls' Tag Sales and, at the same time, protect your health and safety. Thank you.