Common Courtesies

Common Courtesies

Please be respectful to other shoppers and to the homeowner's property. Be fair, honest and enjoy the company of your fellow shoppers.

Do not bring food or drink into the home where the sale is being held.

Leave items to be purchased from first floor on the holding shelves behind the check-out table before moving to another floor of the home.

Seek assistance from our members of our team if you have questions, need a price check, or want to purchase a large item that cannot be carried to the check-out table.

Items are the full marked price on the first day of the sale, and most items are half-price on the second day. Shoppers can submit bids on the first day of the sale for items over $20. The bid must be at least 60 percent of the marked price. Each bidder will be notified the evening of the first day whether he or she submitted the winning bid or not.