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Saturday 9:00- 4:00

Numbers will be handed out Saturday morning at 8:00.

Sunday 9:00 - 3:00

Half Price Sunday

Please bring a box for your treasures.

25-30 shoppers will be allowed in the house at a time.

Shoppers please wear a mask.

Please leave children at home.

Please practice social distancing when waiting outside.

We will follow CDC guidelines by limiting the number of people in the house.  

Thank you for your patience.

Please bring your own bag or box to shop.

Please practice social distancing and wear a face mask at our tag sales.

If you have a fever or cold/flu-like symptoms please take care of yourself and stay home.

We will still be restricting the number of shoppers. Be prepared to wait!!

We accept Cash or Checks or Square Cash App- No Debit or Credit Cards

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