What is a Online Tag Sale?

Those Girls' Tag & Estate Sale

Lincoln NE

A Online Sale also is a sale of previously owned household items, similar to a tag sale, except the items and suggested prices are shown in photos on Those Girls website. An email is sent to our Ed-Ad list notifying subscribers of the sale. Photos, descriptions and prices for each item available for sale are shown on the website.

Online Sale Procedure:  

1.  Emails sent to E-Ad customer

2.  Interested shoppers email their phone numbers, the items they want and their bids.

3.  List of interested buyers is compiled, according to bid amounts with the highest bid listed first, etc.  

4.  Highest bidder is contacted and given the address. An appointment for a showing is made.

5.  Other bidders are contacted, letting them know that if the first person passes on the item, they will be contacted.

6. Highest bidder views the item and purchases the item or passes.

Those Girls' Tag & Estate Sale

Lincoln, Nebraska