The Girls' Consignment Sales -  #196

Consignment Sale  #196

An online Consignment Sale is like a silent auction. Each item in the sale is pictured on Those Girls website with a description and suggested price. If you are interested in an item, click on the Consignment Sale Form link and enter the number of the item and a bid. You may bid more or less than the suggested price. Your bid is not shared with others.

Everyone who bids is contacted by phone, email or text message. The highest bidder is given an address and the first opportunity to view the item. If the highest bidder passes on an item, an appointment is made with the next highest bidder. We never close a sale.  Our Clients reserve the right to keep items if the bids are too low, less than 50%. The show date is listed on the website. We make calls the day before we show items. Please submit your bids at least 48 hours before the show date.

Next Showing Sunday, January 26th at 3:00 -- Calls will be Made Saturday

Those Girls' Tag Sales
Those Girls' Tag Sales

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