What is a Consignment Tag Sale?

Those Girls' Tag & Estate Sale

Lincoln NE

A Consignment Sale:

A sale of second-hand items; an estate or moving sale where items are priced, an email is sent to all of our E-Ad customers.  A web page is created that has pictures, descriptions and prices for each item for sale.

Consignment Sale Procedure:  

     1.     Emails are sent to all our E-Ad customers.

     2.     Interested parties email us a phone number and the item they want.

     3.     A list is made of who bids on each item.

     4.     The list is arranged in a data base first, second, third, etc.

     5.     We contact the highest bidder  letting them know they have first chance at an item.  We set a time, day and give the address to only this person.

     6.     We all bidders letting them know that if the first person decides to not take the item we will contact them.

     7.     You show up and decide if you want to buy your item.

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