Morning Numbers

Number Guidelines

We start handing out numbers the morning of the 1st day of our sale -

usually Saturday - around 7:45.

Some shoppers start lining up earlier to get a number so

they can be the first ones in the door at 9:00

Some shoppers are leaving empty chairs to hold their place in line.

If you choose to wait in your car and leave your chair out in front of the house,

we suggest you  leave your name and phone number on the chair.

With snow, cold temps & rain, leaving chairs appears reasonable.

Monitor your chair from your car and physically join the line when appropriate.  

It is only fair to those that stay and wait for a number.

Be fair, honest and enjoy the company of your fellow shoppers.  

You should not leave an empty chair and go home.  

You must be physically present at the sale to secure your place.

We have a policy of handing out no more than

two numbers to any individual.

Once you have received a number after 7:45 you can leave with your number

making sure to return to line up in order before the doors open at 9:00.

You must be present when your number is called or you will need to get a new number.

Please be respectful to others

This is an honor system.