What is a Tag Sale?

Those Girls' Tag & Estate Sale

Lincoln NE

Tag Sale:  A sale of second-hand items; an estate or moving sale where items are tagged/priced and displayed in a house.

Tag Sale Procedure:  Customers pick up a number at the front door before the sale starts. No more than 2 numbers will be handed out to any individual - for a spouse, etc. The first 20-25  customers with numbers enter the home to shop, customers enter by numerical order every 10 to 15 minutes.  Customers missing their number when called will need to pick up a new number. Staff are placed throughout the house to help customers with their shopping.  Customers checkout at the cash register. You can sign up for an email E-Ad at the cash register or send us an email requesting that you want to receive our E-Ads.

Tag Sale E-Ads:  Customers can sign up for Those Girl’s E-Ads. An email ad is sent a week before each sale announcing the Address, Dates and Times.

Tag Sale Duration: Tag sales usually last 3 days and the last day most items are 50% off.

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